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Our knowledge is like a ring that is being thrown in the desert, and the vast desert is the knowledge of our Almighty Creator. How little our knowledge we have to lift our chairs and mock others. The Angels could have laughed out loud at us knowing that we are so tiny human beings compared to all the creations of their Master here on earth and all the planets in the galaxy. But still, they were humble like a garbage collector collecting garbage on the street just to survive. That is how humble their power is, and they were immortals. compared to all the powers of all wealthy human beings here on earth even a single dead soul cannot be brought back to life. That is the only power we have here on this temporary planet.

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Our Lives & Businesses

Our lives are like a business also. Sometimes in our business, we made mistakes, a lot of mistakes. We risk something, anything, we spent so many things for the sake of our businesses. Sometimes we cheated, for the sake of profits just to earn more we lied, deceived, bribed sometimes to people just to make them buy our products.

When we earn a lot of money by doing our businesses illegally means cheating, lying, and deceiving our customers, our earnings are haram means it is illegal income.

When we obtained things that are from the money we earned illegally like cheating our customers, the Almighty will find a way how he takes all our properties and wealth in many ways.

For instance sickness, accidents, and a lot of bad situation that is going to happen in your life because you earned the haram income.

Your money might be spent only on your medicine because you’re sick, or being involved in an accident, or your house might be burnt down and all the things you accumulated would be gone in just a split second.

We may be fooled or deceived by other people but we can not hide the truth from the Almighty Creator.

Our sins are like a passive income business while continuously doing the prohibitions of the Almighty it grows bigger, heavier, in the end, it’s like we are biting our elbows and grinding teeth because of the severe punishment we attained here on earth or in the hereafter.

For me even if I am a newbie affiliate marketer, the importance of doing business physical or digital products, is your dedication, efficiency, and your honesty towards your customers.

Honesty and dedication to doing such businesses are crucial. Make sure that your products also have good quality, efficiency, and stability for you to earn the trust, and effectiveness of your business.

We must set our minds to fear the Almighty so that we could abstain from doing haram or illegal ways of living.

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Business is like an art, you have to put thousands of colors to attract a lot of customers.

you have to invest for it and risk some, enjoy your business like the people who enjoy on gazing your masterpiece painting that full of different colors and various meanings to translate, like our lives full of beautiful things, great moments random trials, and tribulations but still, life is beautiful.

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