Move first and see the results

Make your move fast

Often in our lives as humans, sometimes we love to criticize our neighbors. We love obtrusive acts and notice the faults of others.

It is easy for us to criticize bad things from other people, but their good deeds we always ignore. Sometimes we do not value good praise from other people because of arrogance and self-centeredness that we always thought only for ourselves, and we always thought that we are greater and better people than others.

Often what happens in our lives we would always take great care of another person’s life but when we notice our mistakes we easily get mad. It is just the same that we slapped our faces a thousand times in front of many people.

We need to give ourselves some glimpses in the mirror before condemning others. If there is someone who has done wrong it should be corrected and not be laughed at.

Because of arrogance, they sometimes do not give importance to other people. We always remember, no one wants to be bad in their lives and suffering, we all hoping for a victory and abundance in life.

“So if” you see people less than our knowledge we should not mock. Always remember that our dear Creator is always looking out for us every move we take. 

Every one of us has the potential and abilities to do anything depending on our training, studies, experiences, and practices, and efforts.

If they have any shortcomings or mistakes of themselves we will correspond and let us not insult them, each one of us has twin problems and weaknesses since our birth. 

So the level of our knowledge is different because of our parents, and the lives and experiences of our parents were different.

But somehow we do not think that they are the factor of their efforts and papers into their lives. The situation of their life still has depended on their efforts and also their past failures.

So we went to the situation that we suffered because of the neglectful acts of our parents and our forefathers as well and they did not afflict and worked hard when they were young and in proper old age in their times.

There are also young people today who have suffered dwelling their lives in great poverty in their lives and that because of their failures and being neglectful from their previous lives.

We did not study hard, and we are trying closely with ourselves when we are still in school and have been so neglectful for all the opportunities that have come to us, and always depending on another person.

So do not be envious of others because it is not like magic that their lives have become wealthy and triumphantly directly, all of that is because of their efforts and hard-worked from their past.

While we are still alive like other people, the Almighty God has always assisted us and protected us as long as we are always asking for his guidance and support.

In our lives, we should make an effort, so we need to act and strive for whatever our jobs or whatever we are doing in life to be successful. We need to work hard and be dedicated to what we are doing and setting ourselves up for what we want to be in the future.

Don’t just sit there and wait for the table to turn. Always empty your cup and always put some fresh water in it.

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