Let’s feed the hunger

Let’s feed the hunger

Nowadays not all countries are prosperous, rich and the government can support all their constituents.

Many in other countries are still suffering because of the negligence of their appointed leaders in their country, so most of the people living in the country are full of corruption and oppression of the poor people.

There are still countries that are suffering and still live in squatters areas mostly with the poor.

One of the biggest victims of poverty is your young people, also because of the negligence of their parents, it just depends maybe if you can have a partner or a couple because when they both separated but they have money somehow the children are not so miserable at least they have something to eat, and that is the most important.

What if the children are their parents who have no money and almost nothing to eat in a day, what will happen is that the children will just pick up garbage on the street to eat at least because they have been neglected by their parents.

So I hope we have a little compassion and at least have a little conscience in ourselves that our food is delicious but some people have nothing to eat in a day out there.

So we are still lucky because the Lord has not spared us the extreme poverty in life.

I made this blog to convey to people all over the world that we need to help them, the children walking and scattering on the streets because they have nothing to eat.

Let’s help them and even if we can contribute at least 1 dollar or even 2 dollars that wouldn’t make you broke your budget when they have accumulated it will be a big help for the supply and purchase of their food.

I have a link posted below and if you want to help, that program is open for the young. Not only for the young but also the poorest of the poor people it is already in general, babies, children, adults, and old people.


Let’s help them

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