Our deeds

Sometimes in our lives, we often fight with too much anger and bitterness it usually happened to relatives and friends mostly. Because they know they have known each other they have known their attitudes and weaknesses and in the end, turns into hatred and enmity.  I have experienced that because I also tried to abuse other people and my relatives.

All of the bad things I did before I already repent and regret.  Likewise, with my relatives, they have also tried in their lives that they were also abused and mistreated by their relatives and other people as well.

They have done bad things to other people for many reasons.  If only the bad things that happen in our lives are just passing by.  It just proves that there is no perfect person in this world.

So sometimes when I realized it, I also think of the sins I have done against other people.  So I still can forgive the one who sinned against me.

We are all the same species, we are all sinning against each other.  So the most important thing to do in life is when you want to forgive others who have wronged you and also think about the bad things you have done to your neighbor since you became aware of the right and wrong things.

So we also can still forgive others because we have also made mistakes ourselves.  So if we think about it, our lives are full of situations and different ways of dealing with ourselves, our relatives, and other people not related to us.

But even so, goodness still prevails in man because other situations that we can no longer solve are being sought by the Lord just to solve problems, whether they are small or big sin. After all, the Almighty knows that his people are really weak beings, and not all problems we can solve that is why we still have to seek the refuge and assistance of our Creator.

Angels are always there beside us on the lookout for our movements.

So friends, when we sometimes feel in our life that it is really difficult to forgive, you know because sometimes the hardest thing to do in our lives is to forgive others immediately but think to yourself if you are no longer doing bad things to yourself, to your relatives, friends, and people we didn’t know also to ourselves as well. If you think that kind of perception, you will realize that we should have to pardon.

This way you can see the other side and you can balance the situation whether you will forgive the person who wronged you or not.

And you can imagine that all of us human beings have sinned and made mistakes with each other.

Except how serious the sin of man has been in our lives for others and themselves.

Because our sins are in many categories, like human law there are many situations, many reasons, and many ways to study them.  So it still depends on the situation and the kind of sin we have committed.

There is a rule that our people strongly forbid in our law that when you do it you will be imprisoned and pay the price of the sin you have committed.  Like murder, stealing, rape, and other sins that you can be jailed for if you violate it.

So whatever kind of sin there is, there is still a chance that we can forgive and there are also sins that have the opportunity to give you hope to change and be forgiven and it depends on the weight of the sin we have committed.

If your sin is only a small reason you can be forgiven or to forgive and why not, if your sin falls into the categories of not being imprisoned and being fined for the sin you have committed why should we tyrants and not forgive others.

But if your sin is serious and there is just punishment in human law, you have to pay because you are still in the world, and when we sin against the Almighty that has not been seen in human law and is not given justice, let the Almighty power to judge them and punish them whether in this world or the hereafter.

Because in other religions the law of the Creator and the law of man is not compatible so they still do those things which are prohibited to other religion because in their belief and their scripture that it is ok, so we don’t need to fight with their belief or to harm them right away just to convince them to believe in your religion because, in this world, we lived in different situations and cultures. 

So let the Almighty showed his guidance to other humans if they were not rightly guided or they were guided the best thing to base and observe a kind of person is inside his/her heart and its deeds, in Islam is taqwa.

so let the Almighty Creator judge us in the next life. Let them worship in the way of teachings what is in their religion, and let us focus on our religion on what our scriptures have written and do what we believe and our teachings. 

The only being who can guide us, humans, is the being who created us all, no one can guide you if God will mislead you astray, and no one can lead you astray if you are rightly guided by the Almighty.

What you sowed is what you reap

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