Power of forgiveness

Forgive & love

Bitterness can stop you from living the best life you possibly can. It has the power of keeping you where you are but making you feel you don’t deserve the life you desire to live. Being bitter or harboring feelings of resentment toward others can harm your overall health and work. It keeps you thinking “I didn’t deserve that” “I wish you could also experience what you put me through” and makes it impossible for you to wish anything good for the person who hurt you.

Being angry and resentful is normal especially when wronged. Therefore, do not beat yourself up for feeling the way you do. However, the most important thing to bear in mind is that holding on to such feelings can hinder your progress and stop you from realizing your full potential. 

Bitterness prevents you from aiming high and reaching your dreams because it keeps you focusing on the wrong that was done as well as the person who wronged you.

Thoughts of anger, pain, resentment, and sometimes self-pity gain the upper hand in everything you do. You daily reflect on the incident and how you didn’t deserve what happened to you and end up giving room to feelings of self-doubt that end up lowering your self-esteem. 

Understand the power of forgiveness in reaching your goals and living a happy life that you are satisfied with. Understand that forgiving someone isn’t about them. It’s about you. It’s about your health, peace, and joy. Learn to let go of the hurt and anger. Try to forgive and refuse to hold on to resentment because it will keep you from attaining your aims and living the life you want. 

Letting go of bitterness isn’t easy because you know you didn’t deserve what you went through and that you were not in the wrong. The thought of forgiving someone who put you through all the pain and perhaps trauma you experienced is difficult. However, it can be done. Once you acknowledge and accept that forgiveness is more about you, your growth as well as peace of mind and less about the offender, letting go of bitterness can be achievable. 

Recognize that you have what it takes to forgive, move on from the incident, and eliminate whatever hurt or bitterness you feel inside. It begins with desiring to forget the pain and forgive. It begins with deciding that you will no longer hold on to feelings of resentment because you have goals to accomplish, relationships to grow, dreams to fulfill, and a purposeful life to live.

Remember that your power to forgive lays in embracing the fact that bitterness hinders your progress and keeps you from flying and let it go. Eliminating those negative emotions and thoughts that you shelter and replacing them with positive ones will help you heal faster, get over the hurt little by little, and forgive more. It puts you in a position where you can say “I am strong enough to forgive” and “I forgive you.” 

You will be surprised at how easily letting go of bitterness comes once you choose to forgive and begin living your life the way you wish you would. 

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By xtechworld

I am just a tiny particle like an atom that Almighty God has created...


  1. Yes, thanks sir. You can reblog it, that message is for everybody to inspire many people. That is my goal to inspire a lot of people to become better and have peace in every heart.


  2. Ok friends just reblog it. That message is meant to all people.

    It is for us all.

    Thanks, friends for liking my blog.

    Take care and may the Almighty protect us all from all harmful elements


  3. Thanks to you all for liking my blog.

    I am so glad.!

    This blog is intended to be posted to inspire many people and change their perception and manage their anger so that they could move on and be victorious and attain happiness in their lives.

    We need to forgive so that we could destroy the plans of the devils that hinder our way and continue doing good to other people.

    Once again thank you very much friends..

    May the Almighty bless us all!


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