The punisher

Put your smoke inside the bottle

Let me finish your unfinished business, give me your shoes if you are already tired of running, what else do you like in this world? wasting your time on those silver pieces of paper on the top of your table? what kind of paper is that is good for our health and make us happy? The water is rolling and entering your nostrils.

Well, that’s cool, but the problem is there is a butterfly inside your brain, flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches.

Would you mind if I break your head so that I could get those insects inside?

Or would you like to smash your head on the wall so that they will go outside and you can think of better days and brilliant ideas?

Do you still have parents, sons, or daughters that will cry in the middle of the night when they remember you? or you just tired of being with them and you were so boring the whole day of your life spending time with them.

Your hands were trembling and your feet and knees were shaking. Do you like some water so that you can drink a lot and stop choking? Well, that’s the alternation of what you did yesterday, maybe you are guilty or you are not ready.

The smoke is rising going outside from the bottle, just like our sins that you can’t hide from the eyes of our creator. Every drop of blood is like a drop of gasoline slowly crawling on the floor and straight ahead below your deathbed.

One person is equivalent to thousands of other innocents, it is better to cut that red wire before it explodes and implicating others.

The almighty creator will not come down in this world to punish those transgressors, that is why he chose also humans to lead those many and save them from sinning and routs those abusers of free will.

To kill a person is a mortal sin, but realized these situations.

Some people have no faith, no religion, and no belief, they don’t care about what will going to happen if they transgress and commit their mortal sins, they don’t believe in scriptures and they don’t believe in unseen creatures.

Killing innocents lives is not their issue, what if they would rape our mothers, our sisters, our children, and babies. They have no fear no conscience and has no rules. They always play the game without limitations and no exemption.

That is why there is a penalty of death to avoid those violators and the destroyers of laws.

Killing now is exempted when it is a penalty to pay their debt. A debt from other lives that they also took.

If there is no penalty of death, they could have done a lot of sinning in this world, we can’t wait for the end of the world before they punish and claim the justice of their victims they abused.

The culprit always leaves a dazzling smile when the justice is for the money and the victims are for the misery.

The justice of sharia law is more fearless than another justice system. When the son of a king together with his friends raped a young girl, they will gonna pay the price and their heads will gonna roll on the land.

Most of these days there are lots of violators and transgressors that has no fear to commit mortal sins. There you can see everywhere around the world adulterers spreading across the land. Coveting the wives of others when their spouses are not around.

While the husband working hard outside from his promise land. Earning money and send to his beautiful spouse whilst the other man entering the body of his beautiful wife. Whilst their children playing in the other room and their mother having fun with the other man.

Later on, the innocent man has seen his wife making love to the other man, it was recorded from their phone and published on social media while their children were crying and their mom was laughing and dangling with her man.

The father climbed on the top of the towering peak of the crane and jump over with rope on his neck and hang himself because of pain.

In sharia law, it is forbidden. To covet thy neighbors should be punishable by the law. It is not an ordinary punishment they will attain, death is the answer to those who violate the law of supreme the Creator.

We have here an example of a leader who has no fear to punish all those violators. We can change the world if we could have gotten a kind of this lionheart leader.

Punishment of our Almighty is not here on earth

The punishment is depending on the leader that has a heart and has no mercy to those who violate and harm innocent lives.

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