What are those benefits and dangers on social media platforms.

Exposing something on social media is very useful and informative to every people using social media platforms.

Especially when it comes to newscasting, many people will be informed about what is happening from the other part of the world specifically to your country, also you will be able to know the essential things that every human being needs to know, specifically on health issues, security, marketing, advertising, medicine, relationships, businesses. And so much moreā€¦

People who invented or created a social media platform are the people who are thinking not only to themselves but also for the benefit of other people.

Just imagine even if you are only inside of your house when you open your social media account, it’s like you are traveling to the other side of the country and being able to communicate with different people, different races, and languages you could communicate.

How amazing life it is, but these people the creator of these platforms, they were so blessed, and also they were an instrument by God so that every human being could communicate no matter how far with each other, and alleviates every service that people are using especially doing various kind of businesses and making money online.

That is how essential social media is. As long as it would be used responsibly.

Social media also can be very dangerous especially to children if it is not being used responsibly. On social media, there are also people using it illegally. Like for instance, they were posting nudity, pornos, they were talking explicit words which could also be adopted by our children, and they would be influenced by what they have seen on social media that they were not supposed to see it.

That is why it is so important for the creator of these social media platforms to have secured and spam those bad things which are appeared on any social media platform. They should be aware of the security of the users, the viewers, and the creators, themselves for their safety.

Their social media platforms should be a lot of security artificial intelligence to monitor those bad things that are happening inside the social media platform because, for instance, Facebook accounts.

Some people are using fake accounts, they were also using fake i.d’s using images of other people, using fake names, etc., that is why we all heard about many people were being fooled and deceived by other users because on Facebook account, they allowed many people to be registered on their platform even if it is not verifying if the user is truly using his or her name, that is why some people illegally using Facebook accounts just to fool other people.

Social media can be a very useful tool for us human beings, but we also are must aware of how to use these platforms and be responsible, and also to the creator that they should also be strict by allowing people to register by putting a lot of security on their created platform and verifications to all registrants so that it could not be used illegally and not being abused by many bad people around the world.

What you see is what you get

By: Nolan B. Cabardo Jr.