Is life unfair?

Humans are clay

No, of course, life is not unfair, as long as you were born in this world naturally, as long as you are a healthy human who came out into this planet from the womb of your mother.

The creator could have created you as an animal, an insect, a plant, a tree, or a mountain you may not enjoy your life and sometimes you become worse because of the cruelty of humans.

Every human being has been given by the creator’s intelligence.

Because according to studies every human being has billions of brain cells. There is a possibility that all of us can be intelligent.

BUT it depends upon the situation.

Our lives of what we become in the future are depending on ourselves, on how we strive to be what we want to be in life.

Also depending on God’s will if he allows such things would happen to us. I believed our lives already programmed what we are going to be in the future. We are already set up by our Almighty Creator.

He uses many ways and many methods just to fulfill what we are going to be in the future. The ways of our creator are much perfected than our plans and motives.

Though we have our own will, the Almighty always supervises us just like farmers always watching and guarding their plants against plague and pests from being destroyed. It is also the job of our Angels. To monitor every deed we did they listed it down. Every second, minute, hour, and day.

Like the plants would grow healthy if the soil is good,  the farmers are also good at maintaining their plants, providing pesticides, and giving some fertilizers.

Most people who have been successful in their lives are the people who have been cared for and well supported by their parents.

When a child was raised in a crowded and chaotic environment the growth of that child would be unhealthy and tragic.

As we have observed from other people, most people who made a crime in society and got into jail were neglected by their parents, their guardians who raised them since they were kids. Most of the criminals are those not being guided by their parents. 

In this world, we can not blame it all on our creator because in this life different situations are happening, different environments, different people, different attitudes, races, cultures, religions, and beliefs. The problem is not the creator, it is we, humans. 

As I have said earlier that we couldn’t have any problems if we just created perfectly like the Angels that have no free will what our Creator commanded to them they always obey they were programmed by the Creator not to refuse. That is how they created, they have no free will.

That is why our lives are depending upon many situations in this world.

Many say they were unlucky, they were so poor, so broke, so sad in life. The problem is that we always argued about our lives, we always complained about our jobs, we always complained about our physical appearance, we are always comparing ourselves to other people. That is no good and that is an envious and evil act.

For us not to be jealous of others for what they have, is to focus on ourselves, just focus on what is the best in us, what needs to improve on us, what you are good at, improve our talent, improve everything in ourselves. 

If you don’t know how to do such a thing, you have to practice it, like understanding another language, if you like to learn, you must read more books about that language you are practicing. There is no magic in learning different things, you have to practice, study, and learn.

That is life, for us to achieve something we need to strive and pave your way and set your goal, don’t mind the others, we have our task, own mission to accomplish in life.

God has given us different abilities, different talents, different tactics and techniques on how we handle our lives as long as we don’t make mistakes and make no harm to other beings, to humans, animals, and nature because they were also living creatures God has created.

We don’t need to be jealous of others, always think that there has always something special that we have while others don’t, and also some people have something special that we don’t.

We were all created differently by nature, like our thumb marks all human beings have different markings on our hands and fingers. That is the sign that the Almighty God is so powerful that he can create anything perfectly in nature.

Everything on this earth has different creations, and that’s the will of our creator.

There are a lot of things on this planet that we have no right to question God why he does this and that and so on, because our knowledge is like a microscope without that apparatus, we were not able to see the other creation like an atom that our Almighty God has created.