Why should we not hate each other?


As human beings in this world created by the only one Almighty Creator, each of us in this world has the abilities, intellect, and there is indeed an advantage here on Earth.

Everyone has the ability according to the ingenuity in things he or she does or loves.

But we should not hate each other if it is related to a person’s religion or beliefs.

Because every person in this world their tribes, races, beliefs, and cultures in which they are left and nurtured by their spirits and where they come from, and the teachings of their ancestors.

We will only hate someone if it is bad or it causes harm or evil to other people and us, not only to people but also to the natural things that live made by the Almighty Creator here on earth.

Just like a thief, they should be hated. They are damaging other people’s lives. They cause anger and hatred because they have done stealing things that belong to other people’s property.

Naturally, it hurts a person’s heart or feelings, especially if they are struggling with the money they bought for that stolen item.

Any person who loses an item or thing that he uses every day of his life and just loses it deliberately or forcibly takes another.

That is no different from government management if the money deducted or tax also comes from the people’s hard work, from their sweat, their efforts for the money deducted from their salaries and goes into the hands of the government to set it aside. In establishments, or projects that people should benefit from so that everyone can advance and develop the town or country.

But when it is no longer possible for a government to manage the money fund and the money that has been deducted from the sweat or hard work of the people and only spent on goods or other things that only benefit those people who worked in government and used only for personal happiness is not good and can be considered a great sin in the eyes of the Almighty Creator because it is brutal STEALING.

This is the highest level of theft compared to those who steal because they have nothing to eat and they can not work for many reasons.

He could steal because he did not have the money to get the documents required for the company and he could not be hired because he was uneducated and new to a place, and many other reasons were not in his favor.

So this is the highest class when it comes to stealing because it was stolen secretly from the people.

But we can assume that not everyone in the government will steal the people’s money but it can only be seen in the place where they led if a place is not progressing or without projects and new buildings that people were benefiting from it.

Because there is a God who watches over us all, we still have no loopholes because the law of the Almighty Creator is reserved for all the people in this world regardless of your religion.

If a person has slipped into the eyes of another person from his evil deeds, in the eyes of God no one scape.

The dear Lord will find a way for him to punish it in various ways to avenge or repay the wrong done by a person. It can be due to illness, accident, and the money can only be allocated to the medicine until it runs out of it. There are so many bad circumstances that will come to you if God’s will.

Because you are doing evil, there is a possibility and a hundred percent that the devil can approach and create a bad situation for you, and his power could work and penetrate on you because the power of the Devil works on people who do evil.

That is how the law of the Almighty Creator is fair here on earth.

We can not hate each other if the only basis is religion or belief.  All over the world, there are many people of different religions, and there is no religion that teaches evil to man because religion is knowledge or level of belief that connects to the one God who created all living things here in the world.

Except if religion is just a use of man just to make money. Because it is a strategy of other people they will take a member or form a group and there will be a contribution of money and it will go to their leader and it will be promoted for the reason that he is fooling people with religion and using the name of God.

Unless your religion is unfounded, no scripture came from a prophet in ancient times trusted by the Almighty Creator, and religion teaches evil and causes harm to people’s lives.

So if you hate someone for no reason, it is unjust and a great sin against the Almighty.

Just like if you are a Muslim, and you hate or are angry with a Christian just because he is a Christian even if he has done nothing wrong to you or harmed your life or to other people you are just angry with that person for no reason it is unjust and not right in the eyes of the Creator.  

We don’t know if that person you hated has also a family that reverted to Islam religion

And there are also other Christians who are very angry with Muslims because Muslims are said to be murderers, terrorists, polygamists, and whatever the rumor is.

That should not be the basis of being angry with our neighbor because we have already done all the wrongs that other people have done also.

Doing wrong such as murder, stealing, adultery, defamation, oppression, etc., and all things that cause harm or illness to another person is not the work of any religion, that is the work of individual people.

When a Muslim kills a person just like he killed someone because he stole or held it up, it does not mean that all Muslims are like that.

We cannot generalize all the bad things that only one person has done with whatever his religion is.

Doing wrong is a sin and there is a punishment that will only be imposed on the person who made the mistake, we cannot divide and affect religion, because religion is a belief that connects to our creator, a guide to make us better humans here on earth.

So we should not hate or resent whatever one’s religion is because everyone has the right to live in peace, freedom, and the right to be happy in this world.

Whatever good law is in our religion we can share with others and explain well but we can not force someone to embrace our religion and that depends only on different individuals.

So we should not hate just one person’s religion as long as that person does not harm other beings.

Sometimes there is a Muslim whose relatives are Christians and they were good people, and do no harm to others, do we hate those brothers and sisters?  it’s not, right?  somehow they are still good people.

If you are a Christian and you have seen a Muslim or another religion, and he has done nothing wrong to you, and he does not harass or harm you, do you hate him, brother?  Should not.

Just imagine, there are many Muslims right there that has a lot of knowledge about so many things in this world that humans could benefit from them as well as to Christians and other religions. We are the same species with only one Creator.

So if we see someone who has done wrong or evil and causing harm to other people, we cannot divide people who are of the same religion.

Doing evil and causing harm to others depends on each person, it does not matter what you believe in or within your religion. That is up to each person.

Religion is a belief for the good of people, guidance, and it is a group of individual beliefs that connects to the Almighty Creator.

Storms Of Life

Storms of life

Whether if we are rich or poor; prominent or ordinary; big or small, we all are guaranteed to face various kinds of storms in our lives. And, of course, the magnitude depends on our position in life and our dreams and priorities among other things. Storms turn our lives upside down and confuse us such that where possible, we cannot even see a way out. However, sometimes our problems are not as big as we think they are and we magnify them according to our mental state. Even where the problems are big, we can fail to see easy solutions that elevate us as we are immersed in what looks to us like a dead end. 

Steve Jobs achieved great success at a young age. When he was 20 years old, Jobs started Apple in his parents’ garage, and within a decade the company grew into a household name. However, 10 years after founding the company, Apple’s Board of Directors decided to change the direction of the business, and Jobs was fired.

After being fired Steve Jobs used the free time to pursue other things he was passionate about and eventually started other innovative companies including NeXT and Pixar. Eventually, Jobs returned to Apple and his creative vision helped elevate the company even further.

We can learn some important lessons from Steve Job’s story:

  • Make something positive out of negative situations – We can choose to spend time-fighting systems or people that can be blamed for what we are going through. But, it would be wise to approach the situation the way Steve Jobs did; start something else, and meet the system or people in future high places. Sometimes we are quick to complain or feel sorry for ourselves without even considering other possibilities and that they might be better than what we are fighting for. This includes relationships as well, when people leave, it does not always mean there is anything wrong with you. You could be getting a chance to think deeper about yourself and get what works for you while it is also fair to allow the person to find what makes them happy. 

  • Learn from mistakes – sometimes we made mistakes that cost us valuable things and relationships. I’m sure we all have heard the saying that ‘experience is the best teacher’. Take lessons and grow from mistakes and you will come out of storms a better and stronger person. “Success is not determined by how skilled you are in avoiding challenges but how you let it mold you once you face them.”

  • Be flexible – sometimes life does not go the way we planned it to. Instead of beating yourself up about it, you could choose to appreciate and work with what we have while we keep focusing on the initial goal. Being flexible allows us to explore more and take advantage of opportunities that arise along the way. These can even turn out to be greater than what we had in mind.

  • Keep positive friends – as much as it is important to help those who are weaker than you, it helps you to keep friends who will inspire you, support you and also keep you strong when facing challenges.

  • Be principled – principles are crucial in one’s life especially when they are more like a lifestyle rather than just a set of do’s and don’ts. When we face storms of life, principles act as guidelines and boundaries with regards to how far we should or should not go when looking for solutions. They remind us who we are and protect us from making decisions out of desperation.

  • Reflections – when faced with difficult times, think of the times or time you have been in a similar situation or face any other challenge, and remember how you survived. This always gives hope that the current situation will pass too and gives ideas on how we can keep ourselves in control as we look for solutions.

  • Do not take everyone as an enemy and everything personally – sometimes we need people who will tell us the truths those who are close to us may not have the courage to mention. Therefore, before we can declare anyone an enemy, we need to consider what they have to say to us, self-introspect, and fix ourselves where there is a need. When people say things, negative or positive, wit is often because they saw something. It is up to us to weigh the statement and give deserved attention. Being open-minded can help us grow even where there is hatred. 

  • Do not give up – if you give up every time you face a challenge, you may take a while to or never realize your dreams. 
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