The Money


Money is very valuable to us humans because it gives comfort to the lives of everyone who works hard and saves to lighten and be happier in life here on earth and buy our needs and pleasures here on earth.

Everyone needs money unless he does not know money or no dream of things to achieve and whatever else he wants to buy in his life.

Having money is very important in our lives so we work to advance and prosper, help other people, help families and relatives in need, and also for what you want to achieve in your life to provide your spouse and children as well.

When you are at a young age, you should already know that money is crucial. But before you can make money, you must first need a lot of knowledge, education, studies and experiences because of that you need to be led to the life that you have prepared for your beautiful tomorrow and also for the future of your family. 

Unless you were born rich because of your parents but the best is you won’t be dependent on anyone else so that you could learn and sharpen your knowledge alone and stand firm. 

Knowledge is a weapon to achieve and lighten up our lives to know many things so that you could move forward in your life.

For young people, education is a long preparation, a process to achieve and guide you on your path to tread whatever your goals are as you tread your life here on top of what you become tomorrow. 

I have also observed that there are also people who became rich and achieved their elegant tomorrow because of their efforts and perseverance in life.

So either your good or chaotic life still depends on you for what you did from your previous life it reflects your future because of that all your actions depends on your options and your efforts or negligence.

We have been given the complete means, knowledge, feet and hands to act on our labours so that we can experience and pass on our purposes. The help is with the Almighty God but it is still up to us to act to do things possibly.

Many people are struggling in life in different parts of the world because of their negligence of themselves and the neglectful acts of their parents.

There are cases where the beauty of life is no longer be seen and could not be achieved and that is because of oneself in doing unnecessary things and it is because of their complicated situations.

They may not get a good job because of the negligence of their parents. Their parents did not study well when they were in school or they did not work hard in life so their children were also affected until they grow old in poverty.

But still, there are many ways when you want to be victorious in life and do many great things while still alive.

We cannot blame other people for the state of our lives because we are all complete with the abilities and ingredients to make each of our lives better than our dear Almighty God has blessed.

Sometimes we have seen people on social media who are very good at engraving and drawing any picture or doing many things using only their feet, what more to the people with complete fingers and hands can also do it if it is will practice and perseverance.

There we see that the ascension of a person is not based on their physical appearance or inadequacy but it depends on how he perseveres and acts in his life. God will always assist.

Just practice and master specific things and the perfect result could happen in the end.

So true are the sayings, that God has mercy and man has deeds. So being successful in life is not at the age of a person, you can advance as long as your body can work, do business or any other source of income in any aspects of work, abilities and expertise.

It is not too late as long as you live and healthy. Even if you did not finish your studies, do not have a degree, no certificates, just do what you are good at, and great things will always happen in the end. You can achieve and prosper a good life.

All people can advance, can be victoriously achieved, prosper and win the life they wanted and attain happiness before they pass away.

The important is, believe in yourself, do good to others, practice what you love as long as it is not harmful to any humans or other creatures, and live a healthy life.

The good life, goodwill, good health, God is good.