بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

About myself

Helo friends!

I would like to introduce myself,

I am Nolan Berioso Cabardo Jr. an ordinary and simple person, I was born in Logarta St. Cebu City on the 6th of July 1981. My father’s name is Nolan Cabardo Sr. & and my mom’s name is Lilibeth Cabardo and they have had married legally many yrs ago so I am a legitimate child.

Unfortunately, they fought and got separated when I was 3 yrs of age so my mom brought me to her parents the late Mrs. Felisa Berioso and Felipe Berioso Jr. were In Nabunturan Davao Del Norte before, and now it has been changed the name to Nabunturan ComVal Province Region 11 so my grandparents took care of me since childhood.

My grandma was a teacher, she teaches grade 2 elementary in (NCES) Nabunturan Central Elementary School, she was so good and loved me very much just like my grandpa, my grandpa was a policeman but unfortunately, he had been out of his job as a policeman because he was involved in something personal case regarding with his job.

My childhood was so enjoyable and I have learned also different kinds of games and we played a lot with my childhood friends.

At 4th year of high school, some of my badass classmates influenced me to listen to rock music and sold me a cassette tape I remembered that band, Wolfgang. At first, I didn’t understand the music it was so chaotic and it was so different and weird compared to other music like a love song.

After a while when some of my paranoid friends in high school taught me how to drink intoxicating drinks.

and also they taught me how to use prohibited drugs, so when I got home while I was on drugs I turned on the radio and played my one & only tape Wolfgang, and laid down on my bed the ceiling was turning around I felt like the music was so aggressive and I started to love the rhythm and the beat was so cool, Mata ng Dyos.

After that day, awakening my devil inside of me, I started to love rock music. I started to collect rock n roll band cassette tapes and bought a lot of posters of different rock n roll bands and posted them everywhere on the wall and ceilings of my room.

I even stole and never returned some of the cassette tapes of my friends because I was so addicted to collecting rock n roll tapes and listening to them. I collected cassette tapes like Stone Temple Pilots, skidrow, megadeath, Metallica, slayer, Prong, Sepultura, Soulfly, Pantera, Rage Against the machine, scorpions, Wolfgang, Razorback, Datu’s tribe,

and so much rock n roll music with explicit lyrics and aggressive sounds that could destroy your soul and put your life always in danger situation.

Sometimes we even fought with my grandma because my music was too loud and she was so paranoid and so sick with my demonic music, and sometimes our neighbor complained about my loud music.

After a while, I have learned to play guitar/ acoustic first then lead guitar, and bass guitar, drums, and we also formed a band with my neighborhood.

We covered different rock n roll band music, they came to my house and played together Joey and his brother Jay and some of my rock n roll friends came to my house and would jam together, and we were so cool that moment.

I was also enrolled and trained in martial arts Shorin Ryu Club under the Training and our late Sensai Mr. Vejo. My favorite and first Kata was Bassai Sho. After that, I stopped and pursued and trained myself alone with different styles of techniques and I have learned also to play nunchaku and Arnis (Sinawali).

Nunchaku martial arts weapon
Xtechworld 7 heavens Sinawali

After I finished high school, my grandparents decided to send me to Cebu the place of my father to study (BSMT) Bachelor of Science and Marine Transportation at Cebu Polytechnic College.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish my studies but it was also my fault. I came back to Nabunturan because I missed my grandparents so I stayed there for several years. Later on, my grandma decided to send me to Manila to study (BSC) Basic Seaman Course, because she wanted me to finish my studies immediately and to be successful in life like my uncle Her son. After all, Basic Seaman is only 1 yr of studying than when passed you can already apply to any shipping agencies and get you onboard It was the year 1999.

I did my best and graduated with my BSC course at (PMMS) Philippine Merchant Marine School Las Piñas City.

When I was about to attend our OJT in Batangas supposedly, my grandpa was suddenly died of a heart attacked so my OJT was canceled and we came back to the place of my grandparents and attended the burial of my grandpa, after burial, my grandma was decided for me to pursue my studies to (BSMT) Bachelor of Science & Marine Transportation so I came back here in Manila and shifted my course to BSMT at PMMS Las Piñas.

later on, I didn’t finish my studies because I was involved in a fraternity SV Samahang Visayas”, I was involved in many frat wars and I remember we had fought the CV group, Cavite Varsitarians that time, and so on. Some other troubles that my family didn’t know about my struggles and frustrations in life.

So I dropped out all my subjects and haven’t paid my tuition fee every time my uncle sent me the money for my tuition fee I didn’t paid and spent the money on other vices like intoxicants and spent to GRO in the bar.

When my uncle had already known what I did to him he kicked me out from his house and that’s the time I leave alone here in Manila struggling with different kinds of small jobs like, waiter, dishwasher, gasoline boy, and lastly I became a security guard.

I had been in a lot of relationships with GROs and some other cheap girls here in Manila. I have 4 kids from my previous live-in partners, 2 from the place of my grandma but unfortunately, we broke up maybe we are not meant to each other, the second previous partner had also two kids but we were not meant to each other and got separated again.

After a while of being here so long in Manila, I formed a lot of bands and had a lot of rock n roll friends out there. Sometimes we would perform on the stage playing in front of many people, catching the luck just to have regular sessions.

Sometimes I played acoustic solo on the stage and had my songbook and would play the requested songs of the customers, most songs were lovesongs and alternatives some were folk songs, and also often we played together with my percussionist and drummer Geri and sometimes we were playing full band and got paid the whole night with 3 sets of playing on the stage with audience participation of 1 hr the audience would join with us and sung like crazy.

Their voices were like a messy dog and cat because they were 🍺 so drunk

We have been worked hard to be a professional singer and aiming to be a famous band performer but we ended up to nothing, and maybe it is not destined for us to be a famous rock n roll band.

The broken band

While working as a security guard, after sometimes I worked and guarded at the gate of Summer wind 1 Dasmariñas Cavite under TWINSTAR agency owned by Mr. & Mrs. Calotes, I met the brother Yusuf Macuto a Muslim brother, so he convinced me to Islam religion, after a while, We went to his house and accepted his invitation. I took the shahada at that time and I became a Muslim. Brother Yusuf Macuto was so good and so loyal friend of mine he is one of my best friend at that time, he did the best and showed me how the Islam religion is so perfect and the best religion of all time. That was 2012. Just a few years I just heard the news that brother Yusuf was being killed, so I was shocked and sad about what had happened.

Before, I did not understand why in Islam are so many prohibitions something like I am choking about all of the rulings and the forbidden things that I am not used to be doing when I was a Catholic.

Especially about music, before I didn’t understand why music is prohibited in Islam, I thought before Islam was a sick religion and fake. After all, I was wronged.

I asked myself what’s wrong with the music, I thought before that Islam was a crazy religion because most of the things that you are going to be enjoyed were prohibited to them.

After so many years of observing for being a Muslim, I slowly changed myself, I slowly accepted Islam in my life. It’s so amazing how Islam changes me from all the vices and troubles in life.

It is so weird like I couldn’t understand before why is it like this and like that.

When I fully committed to this religion Islam, I feel the protection from the Almighty works, the wisdom, the blessings, the health..It is so amazing how Allah subhanahu wa ta Allah protected me from all dangers and bad people around me.

The power of Prayer (Salah)

When I started to do my Salah every day at the right time I felt that the protection works, my attitude was changed, my lifestyle was changed.

After all, I realized that prayer is the most crucial thing than everything. Maybe Allah has the best plan for us if we weren’t able to achieve our aims in life. God knows what is best for us.

There were so many incidents that the Almighty had been protected me away from dangers and sicknesses. I do not have to tell some of the dangerous stories because, in Islam, it is not good and also prohibited for us to tell our bad deeds because when you tell your bad deeds is like you are reviving the sins you have done before.

So now I quitted my job as a security guard so that I could focus on doing business online., I am selling digital products like ebooks, software, and some affiliate products.

That’s all I have to share with you my friends, I hope that this story would bring lessons and enough for you to know me better.

It is good to be true especially when you tell them your story and put down all the people who made false stories of your life.

Always tell the truth so that people who tell lies about you would put themselves to shame and let them choke their tongues, and swallow their pride.


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